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Five Tips To Help You Sell Your Home

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Making sure your South East home will appeal to buyers is important, if you want to sell it quickly. With so much competition, your property has got to stand out. Getting a quick sale is especially important if you have found another property you want to buy.

You can add value to a property while you are preparing it for sale. The work you undertake to achieve this need not cost a lot. By carefully choosing what is required to bring your property up to scratch, you can avoid common pitfalls and make potential buyers fall in love with your home. Here are our top five tips to secure that quick sale:

Freshen up the exterior of your property

The outside of your home is its shop window. If people don’t like what they see, they won’t bother to check out the inside. That is why the exterior of a building plays a vital role in the sales process. If exterior walls are cracked or display signs of poor maintenance, get it fixed. Ensure guttering, fascias and soffit boards are clean and in good order. Make sure the garden looks tidy and that no hedges are overgrown.

If the exterior of your property does not especially need a fresh lick of paint, but looks tired or grubby, there are cheaper alternatives than getting a decorator in. Softwashing, even on rendering, can transform the outside of a home and leave it looking as good as new. A professional jet washing company will offer softwashing and render washing services that use gentle cleaning techniques to lift dirt, moss, algae and other organic matter.

Clean and de-clutter

Nobody likes visiting a dirty home – especially potential buyers. That is why you should ensure your home is spotless before any viewing. Pay particular attention to sensitive areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Use gentle cleaning products that won’t leave your home smelling of bleach and buff up any chrome with a microfibre cloth.

Nooks and crannies, particularly behind doors and in corners of rooms, can be magnets for dust and grease. Make sure you give them a thorough clean. Vacuum well throughout the home and don’t forget to wash vinyl, wooden or tiled surfaces. Give furniture, white goods, other electronic appliances, handles and doors a wipe down. Use an antibacterial spray where possible. De-clutter by getting rid of any items you don’t really need. Put them in storage, if you can’t bear to be parted from them forever.

Retain your home’s personality

Many sellers preparing their home for viewings make the mistake of taking de-cluttering to the extreme. While the minimalistic look appeals to some, most people like to see a home with character. Removing too many items from a property can make it feel cold and unwelcoming.

Consider what makes your house look like a home? Do you really need to remove every picture from the walls or items of furniture that add character? Try to see your property through the eyes of someone visiting it for the first time. How does it look?

Do invest in cheap, cosmetic repairs

Cheap cosmetic repairs can make a world of difference to the interior of a home. Grubby-looking walls, peeling paint and scuffed skirting can all give the wrong impression. By sanding down woodwork, applying an undercoat and then re-painting, you can make skirting, sills and window frames really work. Make sure walls look clean and modern. Remove old wallpaper, sand down and apply a few coats of neutral-coloured paint.

Other cheap repairs include replacing cupboard doors, handles or worktops with inexpensive yet aesthetically pleasing and functional alternatives. Don’t overlook stair rails and make sure radiators are rust-free by applying a coat or two of inexpensive radiator paint. Finally, ensure seals and grouting are sound and free of mould.

Don’t spend too much

Investing too much in a house you are planning to sell is a mistake many homeowners make every year. Adding a wet room, en-suite bathroom or brand new kitchen can be costly – and an expense that may not be reflected in the value of your home. Spending sums as much as £10,000 may not mean your property is worth £10,000 more when the work is complete.

If you are not sure what home improvements will add real value, talk to an expert. Consider space as a priority. It could be that a new kitchen can wait, while a loft conversion or small extension will prove lucrative investments. If you are unsure about what work is needed to bring your property up to scratch, give Stuart and Neil a call on 01273 830987 or email us.

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